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Current Affairs Quiz 21-05-2018

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The ‘Humanity Star’, recently in the news, is

a) An international campaign that urges people to give their trash/waste new life (reduce, reuse and recycle)

b) An object that was launched purely for its reflective properties (to make the object visible to the naked eye)

c) An India-based international NGO that utilises hundred per cent of public donations for funding clean water accessibility projects

d) A NASA mission which is the largest airborne survey of Earth’s polar ice



Consider the following statements about the Indian Commodity Exchange Limited:

1.The exchange is a public-private partnership

2.The world’s first diamond futures exchange began operations under its aegis

Select the correct answer using the options given below:




Banks placed under the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) framework

1.Enables RBI to supersede the bank’s board

2.Will utilise funds to be received under the recently announced banking recapitalisation package primarily for investment in growth capital

Select the correct answer using the options given below:




The recently launched UMANG service

1.Offers multiple services of Central as well as state and local government bodies

2.Supports feature phones without internet connectivity

3.Has been developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Select the correct answer using the options  given below:




The President shall address both Houses of Parliament assembled together and inform Parliament of the causes of its summons in which of the following situations/occasions?

1.Commencement of first session after each general election to the House of the People

2.Commencement of the first session of each year

3.During joint sittings invoked under Article 108

Select the correct answer using the options  given below:




According to the latest economic survey, India must continue improving the climate for rapid economic growth on the strength of the only “two truly sustainable engines” that are

a) Public and private investment

b) India’s demographic dividend and low-skilled manufacturin

c) Private investment and exports

d) Innovation and consumption



Members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership presently do NOT include

  1. India
  2. United States of America
  3. Brunei

Select the correct answer using the options given below:




Which among the following statements correctly differentiate the National Achievement Survey (NAS) from the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER)?

1.While NAS is a school-based effort, ASER is a household survey

2.Whereas NAS is a representative sample of children who are enrolled in government or aided schools, ASER is a representative sample of all children

3. NAS focusses mainly on foundational skills like reading and arithmetic, while ASER looks at a wider variety of skills

Select the correct answer using the options given below:




The ‘Mahia Peninsula’ opens out to the

a) Pacific Ocean

 b) Indian Ocean

 c) Atlantic Ocean

 d) Mediterranean Sea



Tasawwuf is to Islam as

a) Brahmanism is to Hinduism

b) Tantrism is to many religions

c) Bhakti tradition is to Hinduism

d) Shramana tradition is to Buddhism


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