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Current Affairs Quiz 22-05-2018

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Which of the following are the features of democracy?

1.Rulers elected by people take all the major decisions.

2.Elections offer choice and opportunity to the people to change their current rulers.

3.Each adult citizen has one vote and each vote has equal value.

4.The government in a democracy has limitless power.



2. Which of the following is/are correct about village Panchayats under Mughal rule?

  1. Its headman was called the mandal.
  2. It was a homogeneous body in terms of caste
  3. One of its functions was to enforce caste regulations

Select the correct answer using the otions given below.



3. Consider the following about Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan:

  1. Shaala Siddhi is a tool to track School Standards and Evaluation Framework
  2. Shala Darpan is a monitoring school management systems to students, parents and communities

Which of the above statements is/are correct:



4. Consider the following about girl’s education in India:

  1. Digital Gender Atlas for Advancing Girls’ Education has been made with the support of UNICEF
  2. Shagun portal has been specifically designed around the progress made around the atlas

Which of the above statements is/are correct:



5. Which of the following is/are NOT correct about Zamindars under Mughal India?

  1. They held extensive personal lands for private use.
  2. Their relationship with the peasantry had an element of reciprocity, paternalism and patronage
  3. Bhakti saints were highly critical of Zamindars

Select the correct answer using the options given below.




Consider following statements regarding ‘social audit ‘in India. Which of the following are correct statements?

  1. It is one of the social accountability mechanisms.
  2. Meghalaya is the first state in the country to pass social audit legislation.
  3. Social audit is an effective tool of good governance.
  4. MNREGA mandates social audit by Gram Sabha.

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