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UPSC Mains practice question 23rd February 2018

Q: Rameshwar successfully cleared the prestigious civil services examination and was excited about  the opportunity that he would get through the civil services to serve the country. However , soon after joining the Services , he realised that things are not as rosy as he had imagined.

He found a no of malpractices prevailing in the department assigned to him. For example, funds
under various schemes and grants were being misappropriated. The official facilities were frequently
being used for personal needs by the officers and the staff . After some time, he noticed that the
process of recruiting the staff was also not up to the mark. Prospective candidates were required to
write an examination in which lot of cheating was going on . Some candidates were provided external
help in the examination. Rameshwar brought these incidents to the notice of his seniors . However , he
was advised to keep his eyes ,ears and mouth shut and ignore all these things which were taking place
with the connivance of higher ups . Rameshwar felt highly disillusioned and uncomfortable. He comes
to you seeking your advice.
Indicate various opinions that you think are available in this situation. How would u help him to
evaluate these options and choose the most appropriate path to be adopted?

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